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Aluminum furniture with high-quality aluminum alloy material, the surface after anti-oxidation, chrome, rust, moisture and other processes, and then use thermal transfer, fluorocarbon paint, color plating, high temperature hot cover, directional corrosion, computer carving Advanced process, the products produced by the rugged, bright colors, first-class texture, in various forms. At present the basic color of home to a variety of noble wood color, ivory white, beige, green and the main. Today, a large number of large-scale construction of large-scale buildings such as airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, high-level shopping malls, urban landmarks and so on all the use of aluminum alloy materials for indoor and outdoor decoration, aluminum alloy to these The building is covered with high, large, and overcoat. This is the aluminum as a decoration of home materials in the modern technology of Cuihua under the distribution of the charming charm!

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Aluminum alloy and other metal furniture in the production process using a better strength of sheet metal and profiles, after a series of stamping, bending, sculpture, molding and other process processing, to meet many aspects of functional requirements. From the ceiling on the integrated ceiling to the back wall of the TV; from the entrance of the shoe cabinet entrance to the room wardrobe dresser; from the kitchen table cabinet to the study of the book cabinet wine cabinet.
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    Focus, professional in the cabinet and cabinet door aluminum research and development and manufacturing

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    Market response quickly, after-sales recovery efficiency, short delivery cycle

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    Strict management norms, the implementation of regional protection policies in place

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    Excellent product quality, excellent reputation of customers, R & D team excellent

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